How To Make Money During Bersih Street Demo

I love Bersih’s public demonstration, because it gives me an opportunity to make a lot of money. You can easily make a few hundred thousand Ringgit in a day. I hope more Bersih street demo will take place in the future.

What to sell during Bersih’s Public Demonstration on the streets of Kuala Lumpur:

(1) Mineral Water
(2) Surgical mask
(3) Goggle
(4) SD Memory Card for camera
(5) Salt – to be eaten when the Polis DiRaja Malaysia fired tear gas
(6) Yellow T-Shirt – 10,000 Yellow T-shirts x RM10 = RM100,000 = 😀
(7) Yellow bandana
(8) Yellow scarf
(9) Yellow cap
(10) Yellow sock
(11) Yellow tie
(12) Yellow towel
(13) Yellow shoes
(14) Yellow handkerchief
(15) Yellow backpack
(16) Yellow balloon – 50,000 yellow balloons X RM1 = RM50,000
(17) Yellow sticker – for those not wearing yellow T-shirt RM0.50 X 50,000 = RM25,000
(18) Malaysia flag – RM1 X 50,000 = RM50,000
(19) Tissue paper
(20) Hansaplast plaster for those injured protesters beaten by the police.
(21) Pulut Kuning or Pulut Kunyit
(22) Grilled Corn / Jagung Bakar

With up to 100,000 people on the streets, you can easily make a few hundred thousand ringgits in one day. Got to thank Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan for helping the economy of Malaysia.

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